Vulcan Energy Resources could extract more lithium from the Rhine project in Germany

It comes as managing director Francis Wedin tries to focus on executing the ambitious Zero Carbon Lithium project, after moving to Britain to oversee the next stage of Vulcan’s development. This involves the final feasibility study, planning approvals in three German states and financing of the ongoing project with BNP Paribas.

ASX-listed Vulcan last month sued short seller J Capital in Federal Court over the publication of critical research that raised concerns about public opposition to its plan. Zero Carbon Lithium.

In a judgment handed down late last month, Federal Court Judge Craig Colvin rejected Vulcan’s attempt to keep his statement secret and sided with the Australian Financial Review and West Australian Newspapers, which had requested access to the deleted documents. order.

J Capital and principal Tim Murray are still prohibited from sharing or discussing their critical report on Vulcan, which called the company a “non-starter.”

“Open justice requires careful consideration of what goes on in court, including the publication of a fair report of these proceedings,” said Justice Colvin.

“Publishing a fair account of court proceedings is the means by which public attention and scrutiny can be brought to what goes on in the courts.

“It is a fundamental aspect of open justice.”

The statement filed with the court alleges that J Capital engaged in false, deceptive or deceptive behavior and defamed Dr Wedin, Director Gavin Rezos, Director Thorsten Weimann and co-founder Dr Horst Kreuter.

He accuses J Capital of wrongly comparing the cost of producing lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide monohydrate, mistakenly comparing the recovery rates in the Vulcan feasibility study with a new recovery method used by Energie Barden Wurttemberg which is not comparable. Vulcan also said it correctly disclosed potential conflicts of interest when it used a company linked to Dr Kreuter for a feasibility study, and that its subsequent takeover of the group was at arm’s length.

Vulcan also said Dr Kreuter had only sold $ 770,000 in stock since his resignation as director (not the $ 10 million alleged by J Capital) and the report misidentified a photo of the man. .

Vulcan seeks a permanent injunction restricting J Capital and M. Murray, aggravated damages, and costs.

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